Nowadays we’re living in a rush: we eat where we can, at the time we can and take the food that is available at the time. This way of living is causing thousands of health problems, most of them as a result of a dirty colon. Our colon processes all the food collected by the stomach and absorbs the last nutrients before discarding them from our body. When we have an unhealthy lifestyle,eating junk food, not drinking enough water and not doing exercise, we make our colon’s job more difficult, so our body retains unnecessary substances and we start getting sick. But there are two ways we can help our colon to come back to normal activity. Those ways of rectal cleansing are: changing our lifestyle and enemas.

The best way for rectal cleansing is changing your lifestyle. This means you must start eating more fruit and vegetables, which provide the fiber you need to evacuate your colon. Also, drink a glass of water per hour. It means every hour you are awake you must remember to drink a glass of water because 8 glasses are not enough if you are awake from 7am to 10pm. Those are 15 hours, and your rectum and colon are working every single hour. Exercise also helps to make all your muscles stronger, including the ones that support your colon. Exercise also prevents you from being sit for long hours at your free time so the risk of having hemorrhoids decreases.

Sometimes changing you lifestyle is not enough for severe cases of constipation. Another effective way of rectal cleansing is using an enema. Enemas are liquids that enter to the colon and rectum using a small device that is introduced into the anus. That liquid expands the colon and is left for some minutes until the person feels the need of an evacuation. Most of the time the liquid is warm water or sodium-phosphate, but some people use other liquids although they cause damage to the colon. The best way of having an enema is buying a ready-to-use kit that is sold at the drugstores, and apply the liquids at least three times in order to clean the colon correctly. You can also go to an specialized place that makes a more extensive rectal cleansing called colonics. Colonics procedure is almost the same as with an enema with the difference that a lot more water enters to your colon for a deep cleaning. The amount of water varies between 30 and 50 gallons but the advantage is that you don’t have to come back for one year or two.